by bryan johnson

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I wrote this song a number of years ago and had always wanted to get a recording of it with the right vocalist. Fast forward and along came Carey Anderson, who graciously agreed to sing it for me. Beautifully so, I hope you will find. Big thanks to Carey, the incredible Jeffrey Lee Campbell and Curtis Stewart, and of course to you, for listening. --Bryan



he says he's mine forever
he'd make my life complete
he says he'd take my faults in stride
the day we finally meet
says he wants to take my hand
and walk me down his lonesome road
well, i ain't sure i'm ready to go
with loverboy

now his bed he says is satin
and there's granite in his gaze
when he says he'd gladly free me
from my troubled, lonely days
says i got to understand
that's just the way it's got to be
and someday he'll come calling for me
my loverboy

and it's daddy, at the door
a boy with roses and a smile
daddy, can't you see he'll take me out in style
mama don't cry, it's only goodbye for a little while
hey loverboy
sweet, sweet loverboy

now he says he's mine forever
but i know he can't be true
cuz i've heard there's many others
he has made that promise to
says i got to understand
that's just the way it's got to be
but someday he'll be comin' back for me
yes, one day he'll be comin' just for me
my loverboy
sweet, sweet loverboy
hey loverboy


released September 1, 2013
music and lyric: bryan johnson
vocal: carey anderson
guitars: jeffrey lee campbell
violin: curtis stewart
keyboard strings/celeste: bryan johnson
arranged/produced by bryan johnson
recorded and mixed by jeffrey lee campbell at studio52
cover art/page design by james shubinski




bryan johnson Los Angeles, California

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