the death of a mylar balloon

by bryan johnson

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My homage to the summer songs of my youth. It came to me a couple of Junes ago while riding my bike down the sun-dappled paths along the river. Special huge thanks to the amazing artists who made beautiful contributions to this track: Jeffrey Lee Campbell, Stacia Fernandez, Aaron Heick, Corinne Melancon and Antoine Silverman.


sunny day in june
last night was it a full moon
anyway coming soon
the death of a mylar balloon

floating on the grass
now he's running out of gas
and he is fading fast
and it don't look like he's gonna last

say goodbye deflated by summer
you and i we rated a bummer
sparkle on shiny mylar endeavor
you'll be caught in the power line forever
and ever yeah

once upon a time
he was on an upward climb
nowadays not so much
with the rainy and windy and such

cast about the sky
now he's settled down to die
anyway won't be long
and at least someone's singing his song


had a vision of catastrophe
you and i were never meant to be
threw a penny in a wishing well
didn't work in case you couldn't tell
when i knew that every hope was gone
tried to make it to another dawn
seemed a little like eternity
then i'm thinking was it only me
carried off upon a summer breeze
now we're looking at our memories
if we had a little extra time
maybe i would never write this rhyme
and the paradise we let go of
little thing they call the power of love
something written on a t-shirt and
all i wanna do is hold your hand

sunny day in june
last night was it a full moon
anyway coming soon
the death of a mylar balloon

we really thought we found our ticket to the future


released July 6, 2014
Jeffrey Lee Campbell: Guitars, bass, drums, percussion
Aaron Heick: Flute
Bryan Johnson: Vocals, keyboard stuff
Antoine Silverman: Violin
Stacia Fernandez & Corinne Melancon: Groovy backups
Arranged & produced by Bryan Johnson & Jeffrey Lee Campbell
Recorded & mixed by Jeffrey Lee Campbell at studio52
Cover art/page design by James Shubinski




bryan johnson Los Angeles, California

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